Sideways Clothing manufacture T-shirts and clothing specifically aimed at fans of Drifting, and Japanese Motorsports.

Sideways retail and distribute direct to fans of Japanese Motors,through UK resellers and now through this online store!

All of our t-shirts are hand printed using traditional screen printing methods. The quality of these prints is far different to that you will see from high street printing shops. These printing shops tend to use “digital” transfer methods, which is basically just an iron-on print. These prints age badly, and do not flex well with the fabric.

Our prints are all done with ecologically “green” inks which are water based and contain NO chemical solvents. This means there are no dangerous chemicals released as part of the manufacturing process or when you decide to dispose of the item.

Also, due to the permiating nature of these inks, the design does not interfere with the natural texture of the fabric. Unlike the more common “plastisol” inks where the design sits on top of the fabric. These inferior inks are easier to work with, but the lifespan of the t-shirt is reduced. I’m sure you have all had a t-shirt where the disign cracked and flaked off! Well, that’s Plastisol!

As these items are hand made, stock is in short supply as print runs usually sell out before the next one starts! So don’t be surprised if you only see a hand full of items at a time!

If you are a stockist, we can perform bulk runs to order, please contact us for delivery timescales.